Our story

Often referred to as the man who saved the Barossa Valley, Peter Lehmann’s reputation is legendary throughout the region and Australian winemaking history. Today, Peter Lehmann Wines is one of the most established family owned wineries in the region.

The late 1970s were difficult times for the Barossa wine grape growing community as the region was hit with a severe grape surplus. Companies refused to buy grapes and honour contracts, and Peter Lehmann knew this would destroy the livelihoods of the 140 family growers.

Peter Lehmann stepped up to create a wine that not only sourced local grapes, but embodied the spirit of the local community. The true Peter Lehmann had arrived, with his vision and actions paving a way forward to benefit everyone, creating a wine legacy like no other.

The wine from the first vintage in 1980 was called ‘The Futures’ in a nod to the commitment Peter made to paying the growers once he had sold the wine. This arrangement was sealed with a handshake and Peter’s word was his bond. True to his promise, when the money started coming in Peter made sure to pay his growers first.

Led by Peter, the Barossa community pulled together during the tough times, not just to make great wine but to preserve the future of the land and the Barossa region. Today these longstanding relationships with the same community of family growers gives the Peter Lehmann winemakers unrivalled access to the very best grapes across the length and breadth of the Barossa.

Peter Lehmann the man was an icon of the Barossa, a true champion for the people.

Thanks to the value Peter placed on relationships back then, Peter Lehmann Wines today create a range of wines that are generous, bold and full of character, just like the man himself.

Meet our Winemakers

Nigel Westblade - Chief Winemaker

Brett Schutz - Senior Winemaker

Andrew Cockram - Winemaker

Lauren Hutton - Assistant Winemaker

Angela Schrapel - Grower

Peter Scholz - Grower

Jade Rogge - Viticulturist