Our Wines

A winery built on a handshake and a promise.


Portrait wines were created to ‘paint a picture’ of our home and the iconic wine regions of South Australia.

The series of wines are crafted to express the unique characteristics of their origin and are made to be vibrant and approachable.


When once asked why the Barossa could make so many different wines, Peter Lehmann replied, “Because we can!” – testament to his belief that the Barossa is the best place in Australia to make wine.
Layers blends classic Barossa varieties with new and exciting varietals to illustrate our belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Don’t be fooled by it’s easy drinking and approachable nature, as each sip reveals another layer of subtle complexity.


As the name suggests, THE Barossan range is true to what one of the world’s finest growing regions has come to be known for – wines that are packed with luscious flavours, a full bodied structure and a smooth finish. The wines showcase the superb fruit sourced from the many fabled sub-regions across the Barossa Valley, from a selection of growers renowned for their quality.


Hill & Valley wines showcase the great diversity of the regions surrounding our winery from the cooler Adelaide Hills, to the elevated Eden Valley vineyards, to those situated on the Barossa Valley floor.

Precise & considered winemaking techniques allow the wines to express a sense of place and character.


The Master’s Collection has been inspired by significant people and moments during Peter Lehmann’s Life. Each one is unique and distinctive, just like the wines themselves. Crafted from classic Barossa varietals, the wines are bottle aged and released when they are ready for optimal enjoyment.

With careful cellaring, these wines will continue to age gracefully for many years.


The story of Stonewell Shiraz began in 1987, to create a wine of immense depth and intensity. The wine was named ‘Stonewell’ after the district that Peter Lehmann believed best showed the characters he admired most in Barossa Shiraz.

The secret to Stonewell Shiraz is the outstanding quality of grapes - often referred to as little black jewels - drawn only from low-yielding vineyards that produce sparse bunches with tiny, but intensely flavoured fruit.


Named after the original winery Peter Lehmann founded in 1979, Masterson was first crafted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Peter Lehmann Wines. It now stands as the pinnacle of our fine wine collection MASTERSON Shiraz is a pure expression of a single vintage and individual vineyard block.

It is made only in the very best years and in minimal quantities.