When fifth generation Peter Scholz was looking for work experience during his winemaking studies at Roseworthy in 1980, it was Peter Lehmann who offered him a job “working the Potter fermenters” at his brand new winery.

In 1982 Peter Lehmann offered “Scholzy” the Assistant Winemaker role at Peter Lehmann Wines, supporting Andrew Wigan and Charlie Melton, a relationship that has lasted for more than 35 years.

Even after starting his own label in 1987 (with PL’s blessing and encouragement) Scholzy stayed on until 1999. He then stepped down from full time winemaking at Peter Lehmann Wines to focus on his own business but continues to return as vintage winemaker consulting and supporting young guns such as Tim Dolan, Brett Smith and Nigel Westblade.

“Long vintage nights, stuck ferments, heatwave rushes, floods…even a hurricane that swept away the winery’s stainless steel tanks rolling them towards the Para River like tin cans – it’s all part of our history. Today we are making some of the best wines we have ever made at Peter Lehmann’s, we have outstanding fruit and winemaking facilities and there is a real sense of pride here.”