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Weddings at Peter Lehmann Winery


Love, honour, and commitment to those we hold dear are the foundational tenets of Peter Lehmann wines. Therefore, it is only fitting that we host unforgettable weddings at our stunning Old Redemption Cellar, a spacious light-filled venue with floor-to-ceiling views of the rolling lawns and gum trees in the heart of the Barossa Valley.

 Peter Lehmann Weddings and Events

Your Unique Wedding at Peter Lehmann

We have a wonderful team who will work with you to ensure your day is joy-filled, seamless, and particular to your requirements. Each booking gives you access to the winery for a four-day period to allow for set-up, styling, rehearsals, and pack-up, ensuring a fully customisable, dedicated experience. Our venue seats up to 250 people and can be extended into the veranda area by opening the French floor-to-ceiling doors along the southern perimeter. There are a range of styling, drink, and catering options which we offer or have partners who we recommend to make your day as unique as you as a couple.


Why Peter Lehmann winery is special

The Peter Lehmann winery is in the heart of the Barossa Valley, weaving along the banks of the Para River. Peter Lehmann is often regarded as the saviour of the Barossa and his legacy of dedication to the community lives on. He created the winery in the late 1970s in a response to a wine oversupply that threatened to financially ruin 140 family-run vineyards across the region. The first vintage was called ‘The Futures’, a reference to the promise he made to pay the growers once the wine had sold. Like a marriage between winemaker and grower, the promise was sealed with a handshake and honoured once the money started rolling in. To this day, Peter Lehmann wines have unrivalled access to the best grapes across the Barossa Valley due to the strong bonds that were forged in times of trouble, and continually honoured each vintage throughout the decades.

Thanks to these strong partnerships, Peter Lehmann wines are some of the best the Barossa has to offer. The Stonewell Shiraz is regarded as one of the best in the world, receiving an ‘Outstanding’ Langton classification and we have countless awards across the full range of varietals. We offer a range of drink packages for you and your guests to enjoy our incredible wines, with non-wine options included.


Exploring the Old Redemption Cellar

The event space comes with a state-of-the-art sound system with internal and external speakers and a Bluetooth microphone for speeches and a memorable dance floor. The venue looks onto the rolling green expanse of the winery with many great photo opportunities for your wedding photos.he event space can be styled in multiple ways with range of seating arrangements and bar arrangements, meaning it will be picture perfect on the day. We also have a green room either for the bridal party or as an option to extend the venue.


The beauty of the Barossa

The Barossa Valley is the most famous winemaking region in Australia. As its name suggests, it’s characterised by rolling hills and valleys, and covered in a patchwork of vineyards. It is blessed with warm, dry weather and rich red-brown soil that make it ideal for complex, intense wines. Not only is the Barossa renowned for its world class wines, but also its incredible natural produce & artisanal crafts.  

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Photos kindly shared from previous weddings.