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The Peter Lehmann Portraits Range

Painting a Picture of the Barossa and South Australian Winemaking Regions

The Peter Lehmann portraits range is an ode to the iconic wine growing regions in South Australia and the incredible community of growers and winemakers that make this unique plot of earth our home. When Peter Lehmann Wines was first created, Peter made a promise to the growers that he would make wines that show the true character of the Barossa. We believe that this collection honours that promise and showcases vibrant and approachable wines from the South Australian region.

1. The 2022 Portrait Eden Valley Riesling

The Eden Valley is slightly higher in altitude than the Barossa Valley and experiences colder temperatures during the evenings. These characteristics make it perfect for a crisp, lively Riesling. The 2021/2022 growing season was challenging due to a wet start and two early hail events. Luckily the weather conditions stabilised for the latter half of the season allowing for good maturation of the fruit resulting in grapes with high acid levels, great flavour, and vast aging potential. The 2022 Portait Eden Valley Reisling has a fresh, citrus palate with notes of floral intensity and residual sweetness. It is best served chilled with Asian cuisine.

2. The 2022 Portrait Sauvignon Blanc

The 2022 Portrait Sauvignon Blanc is an ode to the vineyards of the Adelaide Hills. The fruit was picked early to retain a fresh flavour, crushed, chilled, and immediately separated from the skins for enhanced delicacy. This is a dry Sauvignon Blanc with a soft finish and a strong aroma of passionfruit and cut grass. It is best served chilled and pairs wonderfully with seafood or chicken.

3. The 2022 Portrait Pinot Grigio

Also hailing from the Adelaide Hills, the 2022 Portrait Pinot Grigio benefitted from idyllic growing conditions to produce a crisp, refreshing wine with notes of pear and aniseed. This Pinot Grigio perfectly compliments roast pork, stewed pear sauce, and any kind of creamy pasta. Ready for drinking this Summer.

4: The 2022 Portrait Grenache Rosé

Despite some thunderstorms late in the growing seasons, the 2022 vintage was idyllic and produced a bountiful harvest of youthful Grenache grapes from our Mattschoss vineyard. he grapes were picked in the cool of night, fermented in cool temperatures, and matured on gross lees for four months to achieve a bright, fresh finish with a soft textural palate. This is a beautiful Rose for drinking oceanside with a plate of salt and pepper squid.

5. The 2021 Portrait Shiraz

The 2021 Portraits Shiraz paints a picture of the Barossa Valley. The grapes from this wine were sourced from vineyards across the valley floor and the Eden Valley. They were harvested after a slow and steady ripening through the early half of 2021 allowing the tannins to mature and the fruit to darken and intensity in flavour. The wine was then matured in French and American oak hogsheads for 12 months before bottling to impart subtle vanilla and chocolate aromas. This full-bodied, ripe Shiraz embodies the spirit of the Barossa Valley. Try it paired with quality red meats or a cheese board with friends.

The Portraits series is a vision of the varied and diverse regions in the South Australian wine landscape. The wines are classic styles that impart the unique characteristics of the vineyards and regions they were developed in. Explore more Portraits wines here.