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The award winning 2021 The Peter Lehmann Barossan Grenache

Find out what makes this drop pure gold.

Wine is the alchemy of soil, weather, wisdom, and hard work. The 2021 Barossan Grenache represents the meeting of all these elements and has already been collecting exceptional point ratings and gold medals across the board. Find out why.

1. The Barossa Valley region

The grapes in the 2021 Barossan Grenache, like all wines in the range, are sourced exclusively from the Barossa Valley, the most iconic winemaking region in Australia. The warm, dry, and windy conditions intensify the flavour of the fruit. This is paired with the unique red-brown earth of the region which imparts a rich and complex soil profile into the roots of the vines.

2. A Grenache making tradition

The Barossa Valley has consistently produced Grenache since the first vines were planted in the 1800s. While the Barossa is best known for its exceptional Shiraz, the Grenache varietal has been gaining popularity over the decades. The unique Barossan soil imparts a bright savoury spice to the fruit making for a complex, yet moreish drop.

3. The 2021 Wine Vintage

Each vintage (the year in which the grapes used to produce the wine were harvested) presents unique challenges and opportunities to the winemaker. Micro-fluctuations in rainfall, heat, and wind can significantly impact the taste and characteristics of the final product. There are no perfect conditions for perfect wine, rather a set of techniques wielded by seasoned winemakers balance, compliment, and counteract the natural forces at play throughout the vintage. The 2020/2021 growing season was a fruitful one, producing above average crop-load. This was a relief for the Barossa Valley vineyards after two years of extreme weather events and low crop yields. By contrast, the 2021 vintage was idyllic. The season began with warm weather and average rainfall, which was replenished again in late January preparing the soil for a cool, dry March which allowed for slow and steady ripening on the vine.

4. Peter Lehmann wine making knowledge

No matter how ideal the growing conditions are, careful decisions are still required for when to harvest, ferment, and age prior to bottling to achieve the desired result. The 2021 Barossan Grenache was fermented on skins for ten days before transferring to French oak barrels for a year of aging before bottling. This process results in a bright fruit palate of ripe strawberries and raspberries, infused with a complex savoury spice. The palate is textural and medium bodied with mature tannins that allow the musky infusion to linger on the palate.

5. A Grenache Like No Other

Clearly we think the 2021 Barossan Grenache is exceptional, and this opinion is shared by the winemaking world. James Halliday awarded it a 96-point score and ‘top gold’ in the 2022 Grenache Challenge. It also received the gold in the 2022 Melbourne Wine Show, and the 2022 Barossa Wine Show. The 2021 Barossan Grenache retails at just $19.99, making it arguably the best value Grenache on the market. Buy yours online or in-store at Dan Murphy’s today.