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Rosé Spritz Recipe

A spritz is the perfect aperitif, a refreshing, fun start to any event or gathering.

We’re sharing our favourite Rosé spritz recipe with you – it’s simple to make, a great palate cleanser and always a crowd pleaser.

It doesn’t mask the beautiful flavour and notes of the wine like some spritz recipes, instead it enhances and savours them without being too sweet. Not to mention, it’s ready in under 5 minutes so you can enjoy quality time with your guests.

Made with Peter Lehman Portrait Grenache Rosé this is a refreshing and incredibly easy cocktail recipe to make in just a few minutes!

Serves: 2


10 medium-sized ice cubes
30mL of chilled Peter Lehman Portrait Grenache Rosé
Sparkling Water
4-6 Lemon Slices
Fresh Mint Leaves

Add the strawberries and lemon slices to the bottom of your desired glass and muddle to release the juices.
Fill your glass with ice.
Add the Rosé and top with sparkling water.
Add a lemon slice, mint leaf and a piece of strawberry to a toothpick as a garnish.
If you prefer a sweeter style aperitif, add a dash of lemonade as desired. For larger groups, create the cocktail in jugs for your guests to enjoy.