Vintage Wrap Up 2021 - Peter Lehmann Wines

Vintage Wrap Up 2021

Over the last few months, it’s been bustling in the Barossa Valley - old Bedford trucks coming and going, delivering tonnes of juicy Barossa grapes. Our winemakers and viticulturist have been working tirelessly along with the help of our entire Peter Lehmann Wines vintage staff to ensure a safe, happy and abundant harvest season. And as quick as it seemed to arrive, it reached completion. Read the full report from our winemaking and viticulture team below.

Cooler and very dry weather conditions during the ripening period meant that fruit development was slower than usual this year, and varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon required more time on the vine to develop those rich flavours we all know and love.

Fortunately though, the Barossa wasn’t impacted by any significant weather events during the harvest period.

Barossa red varieties ripened evenly and slowly, generating bright fruit expression and very intense colour, both of which being hallmarks of the vintage.

Finishing on 6th May, Shiraz and Grenache are stand out varieties for this vintage, along with some very beautiful and expressive Eden Valley Chardonnay and Riesling as a result of the cool and mild weather.

With record tonnes being crushed at Peter Lehmann Wines this vintage, our cellar crew should be applauded for their continued hard work over the last few months.