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Our favourite chocolate and wine combinations

Barossa Valley wines aren’t the only delicacy our beautiful region has up its sleeve. It’s also home to The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company. Made with cacao sourced from the Daintree and beyond, their delicious high-quality range of chocolates are a crowd pleaser at our Barossa Valley winery every Easter.

White Chocolate
Portrait Grenache Rosé  +  Rocky Road White
Although it’s not technically a “real” chocolate as it doesn’t have cacao, we still think white chocolate counts, especially since the rich creamy sweetness pairs deliciously well with the vibrant fruitiness and natural acidity of our Portrait Grenache Rosé. This partner in crime is as notorious on your tastebuds as the strawberries and cream flavours they reveal! For an extra fruity kick, try the Rocky Road White from Barossa Valley Chocolate Company.

Milk Chocolate
Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz  +  Milk Chocolate Block with Honeycomb
The complex savoury notes make Sparkling Shiraz a perfect match for flavoured chocolates. Naturally low in tannins, the Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz is soft and abundant in rich dark fruits with a lovely Christmas cake-like finish. Pair with the Milk Chocolate Block with Honeycomb.

Dark Chocolate
The Bond Grenache  +  Dark Cranberry Pistachio Bar
With its lovely sweet fruit flavours and low tannins, Grenache balances out the bitterness often found in dark chocolate. A medium-bodied palate that exhibits ripe raspberry and pomegranate jam with soft tannins and a savoury Turkish Delight finish, The Bond Grenache pairs particularly well with the nutty fruit weight of Barossa Valley Chocolate Company’s Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bar.

The Bond Shiraz  +  Daintree Australian Single Origin 70% Dark
They say the stronger the chocolate, the stronger the wine. So the strongest of dark chocolates need a wine equally as rich in power and taste to be a truly good match. The full bodied The Bond Shiraz with its velvety tannins exudes dark chocolate flavours all by itself. But you can really bring out the rich ripe plum, spice and lingering, softly structured finish of this Barossa Valley Shiraz with the Daintree Australian Single Origin 70% Dark.

These wines are available at www.casellacellar.com and the chocolates are available to order on Barossa Valley Chocolate Company’s website.

Planning to visit the Barossa this long weekend? Come by our Barossa Valley Cellar Door and indulge yourself in a true Barossa wine tasting experience.