The True Barossa

Located 80 kilometres north-east of Adelaide in South Australia, Barossa has long been acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest wine regions. The rolling hills, valleys and ridges are home to some of the world’s oldest vines dating back to the 1840’s and known for producing many iconic world class wines.

Comprised of two distinct regions, Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, and 14 sub-regions, Barossa is one of the world’s most unique wine regions due to its diversity of terrior, topography and mesoclimates. Knitted together like a patchwork quilt, each sub-region displays a rich diversity of soil type imparting unique flavours and characters into the wines.

Barossa is one of the only wine regions in Australia to have neighbouring warm and cool climate growing conditions. Barossa Valley enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate characterised by hot dry summers,  relatively low rainfall and low humidity, providing perfect conditions for growing grapes. The lower Barossa floor is drier, warmer and is ideally suited to growing iconic full bodied Shiraz.  The higher altitude Eden Valley region has a cooler climate with abundant winter rainfall. The soil in Eden Valley is rocky and acidic, with shallow rock and shale that creates world class Rieslings. 

Peter Lehmann Wines works collaboratively with over 140 growers across the length and breadth of the region, many of whom have been involved with the Peter Lehmann story for decades. Through these strong bonds and generations of working with the region’s finest grape-growers, Peter Lehmann Wines continues to craft a range of premium wines that speak of their origins.