All of our wines are specially crafted by our winemakers to reflect the true flavours and aromas of the Barossa Valley and its unique sub-regions. Set in a historic stone building, our Cellar Door offers a choice of wine tasting experiences to suit your needs.

Hosted by our specialist Wine Ambassadors, we can tailor your visit from wine novice to connoisseur. To sample and taste across the Peter Lehmann Wines’ portfolio and delve into the background and tasting profiles of some of our critically acclaimed wines from this special region.

With a sense of Barossan hospitality ingrained in our culture, from the early years of Peter Lehmann offering a selection of delicacies and sustenance to weary growers as they weighed their harvest at our Weighbridge – we have carried this through to today. We have evolved to create a fresh and locally-produced selection of seasonal food offerings, coffees and our famous Weighbridge Platter to enjoy with a glass of Peter Lehmann Wines. 

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For groups of 10 and more, bookings essential, please contact Cellar Door 08 8565 9555 


Premium Private Tastings

We offer three private tastings at our Cellar Door for small groups wishing to experience the diversity of our wines and region.  Small tailored group tastings can be accommodated by appointment only and are limited on the weekends.  

GROUP SIZE: Small Groups - A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people are required for this private experience. 
HOST: Wine Ambassador
COST: $50 per person (non-refundable)
BOOKINGS: Limited times – 10.30am or 2.30pm- bookings essential, please contact Cellar Door 08 8565 9555

Premium tasting packages include;

'A Taste of the Vineyards' 

Taste the origins: Discover the 14 sub-regions within the Barossa and enjoy the subtle nuances of individual vineyards. 

'A Taste of Masters & Stonewell' 

The very best from Peter Lehmann Wines. Taste the full selection of the flagship wines, blended from some of the best vineyards within the Barossa region.  

'A Taste of Barossa'

A sample of Peter Lehmann wines chosen from within the entire portfolio. Choose the wines, varieties or styles you would like to explore, or leave it up to the educators. A tasting designed to give a glimpse of wine styles across many different price points.  


Group Tastings 

Our Wine Ambassadors will select and showcase a variety of wine for larger groups to sample, ensuring you get to experience our diverse ranges of award winning wines. Sample from across the entire Peter Lehmann Wines’ portfolio – you have the option to choose the wines, varietals or styles, or allow our Wine Ambassador to choose. There is something for everyone, from White, to Red, Sparkling and even Rosé.

DURATION: 30 minutes
COST: $10 per person (non-refundable)
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 8 guest. Maximum 20
BOOKINGS: Limited times – bookings in advance are essential, please contact Cellar Door 08 8565 9555. Payment is required on confirmation of booking.


Explore the Range Tasting Flights (non-refundable)

Our Wine Ambassadors will take you on a journey through the the Peter Lehmann Wines portfolio with our new tasting flights. Choose from the options below. 

Tasting Experience:

All FLIGHTS will begin with our Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay and finish with our Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz .

FLIGHT 1:  Portrait and The Barossan -  $5

The Portrait wines embody the original promise Peter Lehmann made to the grape growers to make wines that show what the Barossa is all about.

The Barossan is crafted by the next Generation of Peter Lehmann Winemakers, showcases the superb grapes sourced from key growers, renowned for their passion & pristine fruit.

FLIGHT 2: Hill & Valley - $10

Our Hill & Valley wines showcase the great diversity of the regions surrounding the winery.  From the cooler Adelaide Hills to the elevated Eden Valley vineyards to those situated on the Barossa Valley floor, these ancient soils provide the base for great wines that speak of their origins.

FLIGHT 3: Futures & Masters  - $15


The first wine we ever made and sold was called ‘The Futures Shiraz’.   It was exclusive to friends and family on a ‘pay now and we’ll deliver in two years’ arrangement.  In all honesty, it was simply that we needed the cash when we started to ensure that we did in fact have a future!

The Masters wines are the top tier of Peter Lehmann’s original classic Barossa varietals, made for the long haul and released with bottle age to capture their full potential. These wines are named after a person or event that has played an intrinsic role in the Peter Lehmann story.

 FLIGHT 4: Premium VSV & Stonewell $20 

Stonewell - The story of Stonewell Shiraz began in 1987 when Peter Lehmann decided to make a special Shiraz - a wine of immense intensity and muscularity that would demand time in the barrel and bottle before  release. The wine was named ‘Stonewell’ after the district that he believed best showed the characters admired most in Barossa Shiraz.

VSV - Single Vineyard Range - Over the past decade, some special pockets of land have consistently stood out to the winemakers for their quality and individual character. Fruit from these vineyards was set aside, and made in small batches to highlight this character as single vineyard wines. The commitment of each grower is recognised with their signature on the label.

We do not host or accept reservations for hens or bucks parties. In accordance with responsible service of alcohol intoxicated patrons will be refused service or entry and asked to leave the premises.