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8 January 2019 | The Editor

Brunch with the Black Queen

After a short hiatus and a fresh new logo, Brunch with the Black Queen, presented by Peter Lehmann Wines, is back!

Join us in celebrating Barossa Vintage Festival with an event regal enough to match this unique and indulgent wine – ‘the jewel in our crown.’ Held at Musque Tanunda, enjoy a gourmet grazing table and delicious canapés, alongside our famous Sparkling Shiraz and our Portrait Grenache Rosé, Hill & Valley Tempranillo and Sparkling Cuvée. Don’t miss out on this exclusive and elegant celebration of our home, the Barossa.

Tickets available at

Event Info:

Thursday 25th April 2019
Friday 26th April 2019
Saturday 27th April 2019


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The Editor
8 January 2019 | The Editor

Bedford Noodle Markets


The ever-popular Bedford Noodle Markets is back this Summer at Peter Lehmann Wines in 2019.

More details to be released over the coming weeks, but will include delicious food vendors, live music, a delectable assortment of our award-winning wines - all under the gum trees on the sprawling lawns of our winery.

Event Info 

Friday 18th January 2019
Friday 15th March 2019

5.30pm to 8.30pm



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The Editor
4 December 2018 | The Editor

Australian Christmas & Summer Food & Wine Pairing – Made Easy!

Are you after the ideal food and wine matching for your celebrations throughout the festive season and into Summer entertaining? We have some great ideas for you!


The quintessential Australian Christmas always involves seafood of some sort. With plates usually adorned with fresh lemon or limes to offer an accompaniment to fresh seafood platter, you should turn to crisp and zesty white wines for a similar reason. Without wanting to overpower the delicate nature of seafood, try dry and acidic wines full of citrus flavours – such as our Art ‘n’ Soul Pinot Grigio alongside tiger prawns, or our fresh release Portrait Riesling to match scallops or smoked salmon, with the minerality from the Eden Valley. Bottle aged wines like our Margaret Semillon or Wigan Riesling offer a honeyed bottle aged complexity that beautifully suits more robust seafood like seared salmon or barramundi. As well as a classic combination of Sparkling Cuvée with freshly shucked oysters.


The crowd favourite – baked ham is a staple at the Christmas table. Why not try serving it with a classic red with fruit-forward flavour such as THE Barossan Shiraz or for something a little alternate, even our Portrait Grenache Rosé goes remarkably well! The lively acidity with touch of sweetness beautifully accompanies the salty sweet richness of warm ham. For other roasted meats like leg of lamb with mint sauce, try something like a Shiraz from our VSV range, for the unique single-vineyard picks like Hearnden Shiraz sourced from the family vineyard known as Jack’s Block, east of Mt. McKenzie in the Eden Valley, with its hints of aniseed and bouquet of dark plums.


Poultry’s usual best friend is Chardonnay. The buttery and slightly oaky nature of Chardonnay perfectly lends itself to these meats – try our Hill & Valley Chardonnay with stuffed chicken! Or even a light bodied red like our Hill & Valley Pinot Noir offers a tantalising take on accompanying turkey.


For desserts it’s hard to go past dessert wines like our infamous Botrytis Semillon. The honeyed and intense raisin flavour with a fine bead of acidity and apricot notes goes wonderfully with most fruit based desserts – especially a Summer Pavlova! The King Tawny is a traditional staple with treats like fruit mince tarts or spiced Christmas pudding or cake.

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